About a week ago, I mentioned that I was juggling with two suppliers right now. The original one, whom I received my 8 samples from last week on Christmas Eve, is teetering on the edge of a wobbly cliff right now (not literally). After he was a month late with my samples, I anxiously awaited them, only to find that they were not made according to any of the measurement specifications that I had sent him. I really don’t know how many ways I can spell it out. The drawings sent had a standard frame in every single angle, with measurements to the millimetre in red font! Typically red means important I thought. I spoke to him on the phone several times and he assured me he knew what to do. What irritated me even more was the fact that each style sample had no consistency to it. Each had different angles, nose pad heights, it made no sense.

Over the last week, we’ve spoken a couple of times and he pretty much gave an ultimatum to me, which I was not pleased about. I either pay him 30% deposit on the production cost (which is 30% of the cost of the entire order) up front to show my “goodwill”, as he put it, or he will not redo the samples for me. Excuse me? Are you serious? How am I supposed to commit to you when everything you’ve provided me so far has not been what I’ve asked for and late? Maybe he is starting to sense that I might not use him in the end. But still, asking for this money up front is leaves me no choice but to stick with him as a supplier in the end and is way too risky for me. It’s like getting yourself pregnant to loop someone into staying with you forever! Trying to reason with him has been a nightmare too. He will not budge on this deposit.

I just started talking to a new supplier, who received my package on Monday, meaning I haven’t seen anything from him yet. Though, I’ve heard good things about him and thus far, he seems much more transparent and proactive about sending me information and updates regularly. I won’t see the first full set of samples from him until the end of January.

So, I have an important decision to make: Walk away from supplier #1 now and bank on supplier #2? ¬†Or string #1 along until I get the other samples at the end of Jan to see if I need to grudgingly fall back on him? (though I really REALLY hope that doesn’t happen)

On a more happy note, new logo and monogram are done and I’ll post it up sometime in January!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! May all your wildest dreams come true. Best wishes for 2011 and following through with your resolutions! Or at least sticking with them longer than last year :)