Because I had to start all over just after Christmas with a new manufacturer, January was spent twiddling my thumbs waiting for the samples to come in. 40 days past and they are complete! All in a basic black – just to make sure the shape of the frame is correct. I don’t have them in hand yet, but will by the end of this week or early next week! I love this new supplier. He is so incredibly organized, actually communicates with you on what’s going on, doesn’t wait a week to respond to an email or phone call and delivers on what was promised. I’ll post pictures of some of the samples later next week!

As I was twiddling in January, the website was worked on and the new logo and monogram are final and done. I re-applied for a trademark for the logo a few weeks ago, so please don’t steal it. Seriously, I will hunt you down and trip you on ice. Legally, it’s mine as soon as the application was sent, but you know, there are lots of shady characters out there. Anyhoo, here is the monogram for your viewing pleasure.

I’m heading to New York next week to work on the the packaging design with Astucci and pick out my acetate frame materials at the Mazzuchelli office, so that’ll probably be the next time we speak. Until then, Happy Valentines Day or Dis-Valentines Day! You can always find someone to profess your love to .. even if it is the unassuming stranger standing on the street corner. Just don’t whisper it into their ear – that’s called creepy.

logo and monogram