Asian Fit Sunglasses


Most stylish sunglasses out there are made with a generic, cookie-cutter fit. But, we know that one size doesn’t fit all. We’re tired of suffering from frames that:

• Slip down our nose.
• Rub and rest on our cheekbones.
• Leave strange, embarrassing indents and marks on our face.

Our Asian Fit sunglasses are designed to solve these common fit issues by giving your face and eyes some much deserved L.B.T.

Reduced lens + frame curvature prevent the edges of the frame from rubbing and resting against your cheekbones. A narrowed bridge + elevated nose pads allow the frame to rest comfortably on your nose without slipping and sliding. Widened temple angles open the space between the frame and your face, preventing indents / marks from forming on your cheeks.

Stop Settling for Poor-Fitting Eyewear. With the KayTran Fit, you can Jump + Smile All You Want. Your Eyewear’s Not Going Anywhere.

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