My first Christmas present came in a brown packing taped UPS boxed last night. No, it wasn’t just creative gift wrapping, but my re-done metal samples! It’s hard to convey my excitement by writing, but the only fitting word I can think of now is a hurray!

At first I was apprehensive about trying them on because when I got the first set about a month and a half ago, they were not asian fitted at all. I kind of stood there for a minute in front of my dining room table staring at it. You would think that I was about to defuse a bomb. Then, I literally put them on my face in slow motion. At first it was a foreign feeling. It could actually make it all the way on without getting stalled at the edges of the frame curves, which was a feat itself! My cheeks didn’t feel like bookshelves for the frames either!

This moment captured exactly what I want people to feel like. For so long we’ve accepted the discomfort and ill-fit of mass produced frames, when we shouldn’t have to – kind of like how we shouldn’t settle for an ok boyfriend that eats macaroni and watches reality tv. (No offense to those who watch reality TV. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine too!)

Excuse me while I go celebrate with a festive cappuccino. Perhaps one with cinnamon sprinkled on top!