About a week ago, I started talking to another supplier about building the plastic samples for me in the event that the manufacturer that I’ve been working with doesn’t follow through. Remember the one who took a week to reply to my emails and claimed a snow storm in Italy in the middle of October?

I figured I would double up and have both doing samples for me so that I don’t end up being dependent on one. I feel like I’m cheating on my original supplier by doing this, though. Omitting information, not being forthright, sneaking around. It’s very uncharacteristic of me. I can’t help but feel guilty because I may end up dropping the original vendor after he’s put so much time and effort into helping me build my product.

In the end though, I figure I have to look out for myself. If the situation was reversed, I doubt he would think twice about it, right? Right.

So, get over it Kathy. Ok. Done.