It’s 1 am and I have officially sent off my first purchase order for the metal frames. I feel slightly woozy, but elated at the same time! Before this point, I could have back away from the whole thing unscathed. There’s actually no turning back now!

Still waiting on the adjusted FINAL acetate frames to come back to me, but if all goes well, I am told they are coming in the next week and a half, along with my packaging samples. I sort of feel like everything is colliding or starting to come together at the same time. I knew spring would bring good things! It always does. Pending on what everything looks like by the end of March, I should be able to launch the whole line in July of this year! Late in the summer, I know, but still summer!

This is what the 3 packaging options look like. Like most things I’ve sent off to get made, they’ve been hand sketches so you’ll have to visualize.

Option 1: eco-friendly paper & canvas based box – I like the concept of it and love the texture of the paper grains, but I don’t know how practical and durable it would actually be.

Option 2: Simple logo embossed hard case – pretty typical case. It’s like the vanilla ice cream of the options.

Option 3: Monogram embossed hard case. I think it’s a subtle way to add some visual interest to the case. Could be the winner. I’ll let you know which one I end up going with once I see them in person!

eco friendly case
simple embossed pkg
monogram embossed

My eyes are starting to puff up and hurt now. Signal to go to sleep.

Sweet dreams!