KayTran Eyewear was born out of a simple belief: One size doesn’t fit all.
We’re not all cookie-cutter versions of each other, so why should our eyewear be?
We were fed up of wearing generic-fitting sunglasses that:

1. Slid down our noses.
2. Rubbed against our cheekbones.
3. Left those embarrassing red indents on our cheeks.

Refusing to passively sit by until someone else fixed it, we took it into our own hands. What began as an endless quest to find eyewear that solved these fit issues, soon turned into a 2-year process of meticulous research and design to create a new, perfect frame with a different fit. The result: The KayTran Fit.

As a promise to our customers, we created a manifesto to:
• Create functional, iconic, nostalgia-inspired frames to compliment every personality.
• Uniquely handcraft each frame with luxurious materials.
• Most importantly, bring a different fit into eyewear to solve these 3 common fit issues.

Our 20-piece collection stands by our promise and proves that you no longer need to sacrifice comfort for fashion anymore. Handcrafted in Italy with high-grade Italian acetate and Carl Zeiss CR39 lenses, these reinvented classics will leave you feeling comfortable and fashionable all day long.

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