Sweat, tears and shiny new boxes.

2 hours, 60 cartons and a ruined sweaty cashmere sweater later, I was able to haul 1200 lbs of eyewear packaging off of splintery skids and into my storage locker. Oh the glamour of having to do everything by yourself!  Given that I was clearly not equipped or dressed to be doing manual labour this morning, I was shocked that I got through it without severely injuring myself.

Despite the aches of the day, nothing beats the elated feeling of seeing freshly packed shiny white boxes. They were screaming for sunglasses to fill them! Seriously, it was deafening.

2 piece packer box, monogram embossed hardcase & double-sided monogram/logotype cleaning cloth


Sneak peek at the acetate collection!

Here’s a peek at the acetate collection coming in November, just in time to shade away the winter sun. Names are TBD. Ignore the logo etchings on the lenses! This is being corrected. Merci :)


  • Acetate Frames
  • CR39 lenses
  • 99.9% UV A,B & C protection
  • Independently Handcrafted in Northern Italy


Launch Delayed. Again.

Bad news: my acetate frame manufacturer, who makes the bulk of the models, decides to etch the wrong logo onto my lenses. Apparently when I specified “make sure the logo is small”, they interpreted it as make the letters lowercase and use a completely different font that looks like a Dilbert comic strip. Splendid, I know!

Because new lenses have to be ordered from Zeiss, product may not be delivered until the beginning of December. So completely frustrating!

Long story short, the launch will likely end up being in December, maybe even January 2012.



Celine + Irwin inventory arrives!

Fresh out of the box: Celine + Irwin inventory.

Finished metal frame inventory.

It’s coming! Here’s a sneak peek at the 2 metal frames, finished inventory en route from Italy as of yesterday morning! Both frames are handmade with care, by a family owned factory in Segusino, Italy. Stay tuned for the 5 plastic styles at the end of August!

The Irwin

  • Classic Large Aviator for boys and girls!
  • Comes in 2 colours: rose gold or dark ruthenium.
  • Easy pair for an afternoon of crisp button up shirts or bohemian moccasins…or the 2 together if you’re feeling crazy!
Rose gold frame; dark grey CR39 lens. Measurements: 62-13-135.

Dark ruthenium; dark grey CR39 lens; Measurements 62-13-135


  • Vintage inspired butterfly frame.
  • Comes in 2 colours: double coated black/cream or violet tortoise acetate.
  • Made for those who live in the chic billowy blouse.
Rose gold frame with double coated black and cream acetate; dark grey gradient CR39 lens. Measurements: 56-17-135
Rose gold; double coated violet tortoise acetate; dark brown gradient CR39 lens. Measurements: 56-17-135


Happy Sibling Day.

Me and my older sister, Lisa. Don’t be alarmed, we are not related to the man wearing a cropped, mid-drift bearing jersey in the background. I also don’t know why we are wearing sailor outfits.

Over Mother’s Day weekend, my sister and I went for a leisurely brunch and although we couldn’t really celebrate the occasion, I figured we could celebrate the lesser known, but just as important, sibling day! (it was on April 10)

After chomping down on my smoked chicken salad, I thought about how lucky I am to have her close by and in my life. When I first started this venture, I remember her giving me that extra thrust of support and saying “when else in your life are you going to be able to do this?” When I think about it, she is the only person who knows about everything that has happened since day 1. When I get my samples, she’s the first to see and try them on, and when I have a frustrating conversation with my manufacturer, she’s the first person that I vent to.  In the more embarassing moments of panic and doubt, she is the one that pushes me to keep trying. I don’t think I would otherwise have the same persistence. Like any siblings, we still argue and give each other the passive aggressive silent treatment (I am particularly good at this). And we are by no means the type of sisters to tell each other everything like you see on TV. But, despite our wildly different personalities, we have grown to be able to completely rely and trust each other. We have been through so much together and I just feel so lucky to have her as the one constant in my life as everything in starting this business is in flux.

I hope this has inspired you to give your sister or brother a hug! But if you’re like me and Lisa and don’t do the whole affection thing, just carry on with your day and keep it unsaid.

Summer days.

Before I take off for the summer (and by take off, I’m not actually going anywhere), I wanted to post an update. My final…final samples came in for my acetate frames! yippee! More importantly though, all of my orders are in!

So, in case you were curious, most of the last 2 weeks has been me, sitting on the floor in my odd shaped hole in the wall room, or as they described it in the MLS posting, a “den”, with lenses and acetate colour chips scattered all over the floor. I think I gave myself too many options. But I wanted to stick to my original theme of simple nostalgia inspired shapes and colours. So in the end, it came to blacks, neutral creams and my personal favourite – a large variation of tortoises infused with colour blocking. I feel like we all need a splash of summer colour after the winter we’ve had for the last 7 months. I love these colour materials, so I hope you will too!

Here’s one of the sample colours – tortoise mixed with a hint of indigo & the other with purple. These are going on one of the unisex frames.

tortoise-indigo acetate chip
tortoise with violet blocking

As for now, I have a long grueling 3 month wait for production to be finished. In the meantime, I’m thinking about getting a summer job to keep myself busy. Let me know if you are hiring! I can do most things….aside from intense manual labour or anything involving swimming or riding a bike.

Have a fabulous summer!


First purchase order sent. No turning back now.

It’s 1 am and I have officially sent off my first purchase order for the metal frames. I feel slightly woozy, but elated at the same time! Before this point, I could have back away from the whole thing unscathed. There’s actually no turning back now!

Still waiting on the adjusted FINAL acetate frames to come back to me, but if all goes well, I am told they are coming in the next week and a half, along with my packaging samples. I sort of feel like everything is colliding or starting to come together at the same time. I knew spring would bring good things! It always does. Pending on what everything looks like by the end of March, I should be able to launch the whole line in July of this year! Late in the summer, I know, but still summer!

This is what the 3 packaging options look like. Like most things I’ve sent off to get made, they’ve been hand sketches so you’ll have to visualize.

Option 1: eco-friendly paper & canvas based box – I like the concept of it and love the texture of the paper grains, but I don’t know how practical and durable it would actually be.

Option 2: Simple logo embossed hard case – pretty typical case. It’s like the vanilla ice cream of the options.

Option 3: Monogram embossed hard case. I think it’s a subtle way to add some visual interest to the case. Could be the winner. I’ll let you know which one I end up going with once I see them in person!

eco friendly case
simple embossed pkg
monogram embossed

My eyes are starting to puff up and hurt now. Signal to go to sleep.

Sweet dreams!


Acetate samples – my Valentines Day gift.

When most of Toronto was getting flowers and polyester stuffed animals yesterday, I got my long awaited acetate samples! And I wouldn’t have it any other way. Aside from the manufacturer laser-ing the wrong logo on the temples the size of king kong, I have to say, they did a smashing job. So smashing that I probably profusely drooled when I saw them. The nose pieces are nearly perfect and the frame curvature is what I asked for. Just one tweak to the angle of the temples and I think we are good to go!  Here is me wearing the cat-eye frame, as a testament to the fact that they fit. And I probably have the most petite nose bridge you will ever see!

All the samples are in plain black right now with a solid dark gradient lens. I know they all look really similar right now, but, the most important thing is shape and fit, so for the time being, you’re going to have to use your wild imagination to think of what they WILL look like with the bells and whistles on them.

Eventually, there will be 2-3 colour/lens options for each frame style, but thought I’d show you guys the first raw samples!

Have a lovely Tuesday! Oh yes, and I know this is so overdue, but I forgot to wish everyone Happy Chinese New Year! It’s the year of the Rabbit – it’s about time we commemorate all the Thumpers and Alice’s out there.

Cat Eye – Black
Wayfarer – Black
Medium rectangular – Black
Classic Round – Black
Large Rectangular – Black
Mixed Cat Eye Rectangular – Black


Mixed metal wayfarer – black


New manufacturer, new trademark app.

Because I had to start all over just after Christmas with a new manufacturer, January was spent twiddling my thumbs waiting for the samples to come in. 40 days past and they are complete! All in a basic black – just to make sure the shape of the frame is correct. I don’t have them in hand yet, but will by the end of this week or early next week! I love this new supplier. He is so incredibly organized, actually communicates with you on what’s going on, doesn’t wait a week to respond to an email or phone call and delivers on what was promised. I’ll post pictures of some of the samples later next week!

As I was twiddling in January, the website was worked on and the new logo and monogram are final and done. I re-applied for a trademark for the logo a few weeks ago, so please don’t steal it. Seriously, I will hunt you down and trip you on ice. Legally, it’s mine as soon as the application was sent, but you know, there are lots of shady characters out there. Anyhoo, here is the monogram for your viewing pleasure.

I’m heading to New York next week to work on the the packaging design with Astucci and pick out my acetate frame materials at the Mazzuchelli office, so that’ll probably be the next time we speak. Until then, Happy Valentines Day or Dis-Valentines Day! You can always find someone to profess your love to .. even if it is the unassuming stranger standing on the street corner. Just don’t whisper it into their ear – that’s called creepy.

logo and monogram


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