Is that Lucy Liu in KayTran Eyewear?

Indeed! Lucy Liu, one of our favourite actresses, sports the everyday rose gold Irwin on set. We can’t wait to see her in her next role!


Janine Falcon (Beautygeeks/the Kit editor) chat about Fit over some delicious coffee!

Check out the link for the full article!

Making My Way Across New York City.

Wide brimmed hat, scarf and 20 pairs of sunglasses. Just another ordinary day! Still in good spirits after some successful and some not-so-successful meetings! I’m slowly learning that you’re going to win some and lose some and it’s important to not second guess myself!

For all of you lucky enough to live in the big apple, look for us on shelves in February at Artsee Eyewear (West Village) and Maximeyes – our lovely new exclusive retailer in the Chelsea district!

Tanya Kim, Canadian media darling, spotted in the Aiden!

Tanya Kim, our go-to for our entertainment news fix, spotted in the amber honey Aiden frame.

Lovely outfit to boot!

Fashion/lifestyle photographer, Jaclyn Locke, in the Allison frame!

Staples to get through a Toronto winter: Cozy turtleneck + Comfy Shades



Margaret Cho, actress/comedian, in KayTran Eyewear!

I’ve always been a fan of Margaret, well before she graced the screens of 30 Rock and Sex & the City, so to have her wear a pair of my sunglasses nearly gives me a heart attack of joy!

She was lovely enough to take a photo in her home and send it to me. Here she is sporting the polished black Cecilia frame:

“I love the glasses! Finally a stylish pair that fits the shape of my face without leaving weird marks!”




Behind the scenes: Lookbook photoshoot

I could not have asked for a more talented team to shoot the lookbook today! In case you were wondering, we opted for Pizzaiola this time, forgoing the coma-inducing Burger’s Priest. Could have done without our first snowfall today (yuck!), but otherwise a fabulous day. A huge THANK YOU to:

And of course, thanks to our gorgeous models Pem & Julie from Spot 6 Management for making the frames look so good!

Crossing fingers everything will be up on the website before the holidays, but here’s a little teaser until then. Go nuts!

Acetate collection shipped out of Italy!

Last of the inventory will be here by December before Christmas… Finally!

Behind the scenes: Product photo shoot

Meticulous product photos done by fab photographer Jaclyn Locke! ( It’s unbelievable how much work goes into those little shots you glance at for one second on a website. Of course, no day in Leslieville would be complete without stopping by Burger’s Priest for lunch. In the end, got the shots we wanted and they look A-mazing! Blows my mind, what a good camera can do.

Here’s a peek at the photoshoot. Enjoy!


Italy bound. Visiting the Factory!

Heading to Italy this Saturday to pick up photography samples and visit the factory! Hopefully I can steal some good shots of the production process to post next week! Wish me luck!

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