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When 2 becomes 1. Cutting a Supplier out?

About a week ago, I mentioned that I was juggling with two suppliers right now. The original one, whom I received my 8 samples from last week on Christmas Eve, is teetering on the edge of a wobbly cliff right now (not literally). After he was a month late with my samples, I anxiously awaited … Continue reading

Samples detoured to Memphis?

The homeland of the infamous Graceland is now also home to my acetate samples. Somehow the snow storms (legitimate ones this time I think) in Europe have detoured them to Memphis? Hopefully they enjoy their stay – a short one preferably!

Stamping it in the ground. We’re Incorporated.

When I said “I’ll update you tomorrow” after my lawyer’s visit, really, I meant a week later. Sometimes I speak in code. Well! First thing’s first, you know your lawyer’s awesome when he shows up wearing a Patagonia fleecy, jeans and black sneakers. (Patagonia’s a climbing/hiking brand fyi) I was half expecting he was going … Continue reading

Logos, lawyers and beeswax, oh my!

It’s been done. I changed my logo, which I love, and am now working on a monogram. It was, surprisingly, incredibly difficult to part with my old logo and I’m not sure why that is considering it’s only been in existence for 6 months. But, it had to be done. It was a little too … Continue reading

I feel like I’m having an affair.

About a week ago, I started talking to another supplier about building the plastic samples for me in the event that the manufacturer that I’ve been working with doesn’t follow through. Remember the one who took a week to reply to my emails and claimed a snow storm in Italy in the middle of October? … Continue reading

It’s beginning to feel like Christmas.

My first Christmas present came in a brown packing taped UPS boxed last night. No, it wasn’t just creative gift wrapping, but my re-done metal samples! It’s hard to convey my excitement by writing, but the only fitting word I can think of now is a hurray! At first I was apprehensive about trying them … Continue reading

What success would look like for me.

The past few days, I have started to think about what success would mean for me. You might think it’s a bit premature, considering I’m no where near full operating order, but I thought it would be important to at least have a vague idea of what I’m striving for.  It helps to calm me … Continue reading

A glimmer of hope.

I finally received a tracking number today for my acetate sample shipment, so there IS light at the end of the tunnel! Unfortunately, it is “not found” on the fedex website, but maybe it takes a day to flow through?

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